Richard Butroid

County Councillor (Gainsborough Rural South division)

Richard was born and has lived in the local area for the majority of his life and is therefore well aware of the challenges that living in a rural community can bring. 

Richard has a proven track record of supporting and representing the community as a Parish Councillor in Sturton by Stow and has been an active member in village life. Richard has taken a practical approach to building, fixing, maintaining and fundraising for the village and is looking forward to working and helping the wider community.

For the last 12 years Richard has managed his own successful company, which continues to expand, employing more people and working with new and existing clients across the UK and Europe.  The flexibility of running his own company means that Richard will be able to devote time within the working week to meet the demands of the community.  Having this vital business experience Richard understands; the importance of good broadband, transport connections and well maintained roads.

Being on the Parish Council has given Richard a great insight into other issues in the village such as; speeding, dog fouling, unsustainable development, overcrowded local services and will join the fight on issues such as funding for social care, schools and healthcare.

Richard’s experience of being a trustee for a non profit, affordable counselling organisation has given him insight into the deeper challenges that face our communities. Richard will make all of these issues a priority across our villages and it is important that we work together to protect our villages for the future. Richard will combine his energy, experience and effectiveness to be a hardworking, motivated County Councillor who gets results for local people.

Richard was appointed Support Councillor, with responsibility for Crime Reduction, Trading Standards, Equality & Diversity, People Management and Legal, under the Community Safety and People Management portfolio holder.


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