About Us

The Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association is the the local organisation of the Conservative Party within the Constituency.

The map on our home page shows the geographical area which the constituency covers.


The Association exists to sustain and promote the objects and values of the Conservative Party within the Parliamentary constituency of Gainsborough; to provide an effective campaigning organisation to secure the return of Conservative Candidates at elections; and to raise the necessary funds to achieve these objectives and to contribute to the central funds of the Party.


The Gainsborough Constituency was created for the 1885 general election, after the extension of the franchise through the Representation of the People Act 1884 and the reorganisation of constituencies through the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885. From 1983, it was named Gainsborough & Horncastle Constituency. The modern Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association was formed in 1997 when the constituency reverted to being 'Gainsborough' following boundary changes, which resulted in the loss of Horncastle.

The constituency has returned a Conservative Party candidate consistently since the 1924 general election. Currently West Lindsey District Council has a Conservative majority administration with 24 of 36 members of the council elected as Conservatives in 2015. Lincolnshire County Council has a Conservative majority administration and the Constituency returned eight of ten Conservatives as County Councillors at the most recent elections in 2017.

The constituency is entirely within Lincolnshire and has a total population of 81,596. The main population centre is the town of Gainsborough, secondary to this is the village of Welton, to the north of Lincoln. The constituency also includes the market towns of Wragby, Market Rasen & Caistor and the various villages and rural communities of the West Lindsey District. The constituency also comprises a number of villages and rural communities of the Wragby ward of the East Lindsey District.


The Association is managed and administered, on a day-to-day basis, by the Officers of the Association; who in turn are responsible to the Association's Executive Council.

The Executive Council is the governing body of the Association and consists of the Association's President, Officers, Branch and Committee Representatives, representatives of the various Conservative Groups on district and county councils, the Member of ParliamentEuropean Parliamentarians, and a number of other individuals and co-optees.