John Barrett

John Barrett retired as Police Inspector from West Yorkshire after 30yrs service.

John was a Councillor in Snaith, East York’s, for twelve years. John was Town Mayor in 2010 and in 2011 elected onto East Riding Council, for Snaith area ward with a population of just under 9,000 run by 2 Councillors.  During the 8 years as Councillor to the unitary authority, he worked from being Deputy Chairman of Health & Wellbeing scrutiny, to Chairman of Western Area Planning, to the Cabinet three years ago, concluding with a Portfolio of Operational Services, (roads and road safety, grass cutting and litter).

John has been on the Police and Crime panel, Crimestoppers panel, and served as chairman of Snaith Neighbourhood Watch and contributes largely with four others.

John has a family in Cherry Willingham where he has semi-resided for the last five years. His son is a director of the rugby club in Nettleham and he is in the process of purchasing a home in the village to live permanently. As John says:

“I thoroughly enjoy assisting residents and local businesses.  West Lindsey District Council, with its positive outlook on Neighbourhood plans, community Grant schemes and other well thought out decisions, along with the work already put in by Councillor Giles McNeill makes the area a really positive and vibrant place to enjoy. It would be my absolute pleasure to work alongside you all. I hope you will allow me to help build on what you have achieved and to work alongside you all in the future. ”