Lincolnshire County Council Conservative Group Launch Manifesto

Today the Conservatives launch their manifesto for the county council elections on Thursday May 4th 2017.

Leader of the group, Cllr Martin Hill says:

"If Lincolnshire vote to continue the work of the Conservative administration we pledge to work with the Government for the best Brexit deal for Lincolnshire.  We will make sure there are the right workers for our agricultural sector and the skilled workers for our businesses.

"We have been working hard to ensure Lincolnshire has fairer national funding formulas from government, so everyone in our county have the best opportunities in life. We remain committed to investment in highway maintenance & safety and are planning a new coastal highway from Lincoln to Skegness.

"If elected we will complete the roll-out of broadband across the county and lobby for the reinstatement of Lincolnshire Ambulance Service & support the establishment of the much needed University Medical School.

"Our record of low taxation, good sustainable services and an exciting vision for our great county's future is the bedrock of our 2017 election manifesto."


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Lincolnshire County Council Conservastive Group Manifesto 2017 - 'Our Plan for Lincolnshire' [PDF File] 3.47 MB