Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2021

An Election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Lincolnshire Force Area is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 6th May 2021, concurrently with sheduled local elections to Lincolnshire County Council. This election has been delayed from Thursday, 7th May 2020 owing to the impact of Covid-19, caused by the Coronavirus.


The members of the Conservative Party across Lincolnshire had the opportunity to select the Conservative Party's Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate. The current holder of the post, and the Conservative Party candidate, is:

About Police and Crime Commissioners

Each of the 41 police forces in England & Wales, outside of London, will directly elect a Commissioner who will be responsible for: 

  • Working with Chief Constables to set the direction for policing and holding him/her to account for delivery of policing within local communities. You do not manage the force on a day to day basis nor are you directly responsible for police operations. 
  • Deciding policing strategy and the force budget.  
  • They will set the local council tax precept. Working with local authorities, community safety partnerships and local criminal justice boards. 
  • Addressing national issues as well as local concerns. 
  • Commissioning services to meet the needs of victims. 
  • Taking a holistic approach to community safety which brings in the services of all agencies which have a contribution to make to keeping local communities safe. 

Commissioners are single elected individuals who take executive decisions, supported by a highly qualified team. The principle of one accountable individual, directly responsible for the totality of police force activity is core to this role. 

The buck stops with commissioners, and the public will cast judgement at the ballot box, voting out commissioners who don't cut crime or address local concerns. Police and Crime Commissioners don't have day-to-day control over operational policing - they aren't be able to tell a sworn officer of the crown who to arrest. 


Marc Jones

Police and Crime Commissioner (Lincolnshire)

Marc was raised in a small rural Lincolnshire village and moved to the outskirts of Lincoln once married to his wife Rachel where they currently live with their daughter Tabitha.