Local MP Wants State Schools To Replicate Successes of Private Schools

Advice to improve schools by 'replicating what goes on in the independent sector', including selection, is 'entirely in line' with the Government's intentions, a minister has said.

Speaking at Education Questions in the Commons, Edward Leigh MP, said independent schools had many things to teach about boosting standards. Mr. Leigh asked:

"Will you agree with me the real way to improve standards in the state sector is to replicate what goes on in the independent sector?

"Mainly to allow headteachers to hire and fire teachers, to select their own curriculum and to select and de-select pupils."

John Hayes MP, Minister of State for Further Educations, Skills and Life Long Learning, who is a fellow Lincolnshire Parliamentarian, replied:

"What we seek is a system driven by demand, the choices of pupils, helped to make informed judgments by the information they are given, businesses driving the skills system and headteachers and college principals free to respond to local needs.

"That is precisely our mantra, entirely in line with your intentions and ambitions."