West Lindsey District Council Elections 2019

Elections for West Lindsey District Council are expected to take place on Thursday, 2nd May 2019.

Further details about these elections will be published here as they become available.

Candidate Selection

You can find a list of incumbent West Lindsey District Councillors who currently represent the Wards of West Lindsey which are all within the Gainsborough Constituency by clicking here.

The Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association is required to follow the Selection Procedure for Local Government Candidates (Fourth Edition, 1st March 2017) as set out by the Board. A copy of this document can be obtained by members who contact the Association Office. If you are interested in becoming a Conservative Party Candidate for a local election you need to get on the local Approved List. Please download a form from the 'Attachments' section below and complete electronically*, returning to office@gainsboroughconservatives.org.uk.

The process for seeking individuals to be included on the Approved List is continuous.

*Forms that are not completed electronically - using adobe acrobat or other suitable programme - will be rejected.


The following wards are up for election all wards are within the Gainsborough Constituency,Conservative Party Candidates are listed, with links to their details:

Map of Wards

The map below shows the Wards of the West Lindsey district.


Whereas the Labour Party receive millions of pounds each year from the trade unions, to fight our campaigns locally we are entirely reliant on the support of individuals.

It is a common misconception that there is money available from government or the central party nationally to help pay for our local campaigns. This is not the case. We raise all the money for our campaigns locally.

We need your support. If you feel able to contribute, please either click the donate online button on the left or download the Fighting Fund Donaion Form from the 'Attachments' section below and return it along with your donation, as soon as possible. All donations, of any amount, are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.


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GCCA - Local Residents Survey 2019

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1.1. Which TWO of these commitments by West Lindsey's Conservative councillors are the most important to you?
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Backing Business to Come to West Lindsey

Tax relief incentives are being offered to businesses to locate to two key employment sites in a Lincolnshire district. Conservative-led West Lindsey District Council has launched the incentive to unlock private sector investment into the district.

Discover Something Different in West Lindsey

Whether you are looking for a cultural short break, a tour of a medieval manor house, or even spectacular views of the countryside, there is something for everyone in West Lindsey.

Conservatives Back Council's Free Parking this Christmas!

West Lindsey's Conservatives are backing the district council who are promoting their free car parking offer, reminding people that they are able to enjoy one hour free parking in all council owned car parks in Gainsborough, as Christmas approaches.