Gillian Bardsley

Treasurer, Gainsborough & District Branch

Gill came to Gainsborough North Ward thirty years ago, first helping her husband run a mixed veterinary practice and bringing up their three children. She has been a magistrate and Governor of a local Primary School and is an active member of the Friends of the Old Hall, Gainsborough Choral Society, and the local Lincolnshire Trust for Wildlife group. Her campaign for the Woodland Trust led to Owlet Plantation, near Blyton, becoming a public woodland.

First elected to WLDC for Gainsborough North in 2003, she has always played a full part in official council duties, sitting on various Council committees over the years. Residents should be aware of major policy change now being developed in the Local Plan, which has highlighted the impact of planning applications to a community. She would encourage all of you to make your views known when the next round of public consultation is held. She has been glad to help residents make their objections known when a particular application raised concerns. She retired at the elections in May 2019.

Gill has welcomed other opportunities to improve local amenities and develop support networks for those who need them. She believes that the natural environment in which we live is a key element in our health and wellbeing. Greening Gainsborough will make this town a better place to live and work in. For ten years she has been working to clean up and develop Mercer Wood here in  Gainsborough North as a nature reserve and community woodland. Currently, the small project group she chairs is seeking funding to make it accessible for all, with a pleasant garden area. for residents to enjoy - the outcome will be known in July. Watch this space as they say! 

Making sure our Trinity Arts Centre stayed open was another challenge she has pursued energetically as a member of the steering committee overseeing the development of its business plan. She is delighted to report that the theatre is now providing a varied and popular programme, often to full houses. Gill also works with Gainsborough in Bloom, and as the Council’s representative on various initiatives to promote the Town Centre. Gill is closely involved in the District Council’s current review of Tourist and Leisure provision across the district.

Monitoring support services within the town have been another focus, whether supporting the Children's Centre by the Bus Station or pressing for our John Coupland Hospital to retain and develop the medical procedures offered ( yes, those endoscopes are needed now and here)  Gill is part of a Council initiative to increase Dementia Awareness. She also actively supports local groups helping those with mental health or mobility problems, helping family carers, and the various programmes which offer the young unemployed residents positive opportunities. In these times of economic difficulties, it is essential to make the most of diminished resources by bringing together the government and volunteer agencies. 

Gill has always been ambitious for the town to thrive economically, to have good amenities, and knows these need to be part of an overall vision. She firmly believes that residents’ views must be taken into account. She would relish the opportunity to continue working with you in this ward for the future of the town! There is so much to be done.


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Mini-Olympic Games Set for Gainsborough

The Gainsborough Children’s Centre has teamed up with the Gainsborough Toy Library and Conservative controlled West Lindsey District Council to host the Under 5 Children’s Centre Games.