Vital Assistance to Help People Live Safely at Home

Grant to help disabled people adapt their properties to make them safer are now available thanks to a new policy introduced by Conservative-led West Lindsey District Council, offering local people with disabilities more support.

Under the new policy, the Council want to be able to help more people live independently at home. Therefore it has introduced a range of grants to support people depending on their individual circumstances.

A new discretionary Disable Facilities Grant of up to £10,000 is now available to provide adaptation over and above what could have previously been offered under the mandatory scheme.

In addition a Healthy Homes Grant of up to £5,000 is available to address issues such as damp, mould, excess cold, and reduce falls on stairs and the like. This aims to improve the property standards of vulnerable people who own their own home and whose property standard is affecting their health.

Cllr. Sheila Bibb (Conservative, Gainsborough North Ward), Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee, is pleased that Conservatives are leading the way and that the Council will now be able to offer more resource to support local people. She commented:

"This is an exciting opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of residents of West Lindsey. By offering the new discretionary grant, we are able to help people with disabilities in ways that the mandatory grants have not been able to in the past.

"Our new approach means we can support the choices of individuals, enhance their wellbeing, and give them more independence and the confidence to live safely at home.

"One of the benefits includes a hospital discharge grant of up to £5,000 which can help with any minor adaptions to a home. This will help people who are unable to be discharged from hospital due to their home conditions."

The Conservative-led Council has also created a new Relocation Grant, which can assist a person with a disability to move to a more suitable property.

The Disable Facilities Grant funding has been made possible through an increased allocation of funding from the Better Care Fund.

For a full copy of the Housing Assistance Policy and further information on the grants that are available, visit or contact the Council's Housing Team on 01427 676676.