Conservatives Welcome Justice Secretary to the Gainsborough Election Campaign

Sir Edward Leigh, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the Gainsborough Constituency, welcomed the Secretary of State saying; "It is wonderful to welcome Chris to our beautiful part of the country, the the great constituency of Gainsborough and here in Bishop Norton, near Market Rasen."

The Justice Secretary praised local activists saying: "During the past three weeks, like many of my Cabinet colleagues, I have been around the country visiting seat after seat, campaign team after campaign team, in support of the work they are doing. It’s the part of the campaign away from the media spotlight – except for the ever present local papers and radio stations – but it is absolutely vital that we throw our weight behind the Conservatives on the ground in the country. Their work, your work, is going to make all the difference this time." he continued, "What I am seeing around the country cand what I can see here, is that team playing at its best. We have a strong story to tell. But we have to get out and tell it, to a public who are sometimes sceptical and often cynical. It’s great to find the people who are the backbone of our party step by step breaking down that cynicism and helping win the votes we will need to emerge successful on May 7th. To all of those people, we owe a big debt of gratitude."

He went on to speak about the successes of the Justice Ministry in the last few years: "I am pleased that since 2010 crime has fallen by more than a fifth – the lowest level on record. Uunder our Government if you commit a crime, you are more likely to go to prison and you will go there for longer.

"We have toughened up the criminal justice system, so that if you commit two serious sexual or violent offences you’ll get an automatic life sentence.

"By May 2015, we will have three thousand more adult male places than we inherited from Labour. We are working to make our prison system a more constructive place for those who are there: It’s less crowded than it was under Labour. There are fewer assaults than under Labour. Absconds from open prisons are far lower than under Labour and We’ve introduced more work to prisons"

Mr. Grayling met with a number of Conservative District Councillors and Candidates during his visit together with a selection of individuals from across the constituency from a range of backgrounds.