Cllr Ian Fleetwood: Campaigning for Action on Potholes

Lincolnshire County Councillor Ian Fleetwood is joining forces with local residents to highlight the problems of potholes in the local area and he's looking for the help of local residents when they spot them.

Pothotes caused by wet and cold weather, or simply by wear and tear, are a problem throughout Lincolnshire, which has the fourth largest road network in the country. Cllr. Ian Fleetwood said:

"Given the amount of roads in the County the Council are never going to be able to make every road perfect, but with the support of local people we can make sure that when there is a problem the Council know about it."

Where a pothole developes and it's more than 4cm deep, central on the carriageway and at least 50cm across, the Council will prioritise a repair, otherwise it will be put on the Council's schedule of repairs. Cllr. Fleetwood continued:

"I am asking local people to report any potholes they see by calling 01522 782070."

Reports can also be made 24 hours a day online at:-