Chairman Supports MPs Decision to Back Deal

The Chairman of the Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association, Cllr. Roger Patterson, has taken the unusual step of writing to local party members. He wrote:-

“Today there have been false stories that the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Leigh has changed his position on Brexit and is now supporting the Prime Minister. For the record, Sir Edward has always supported Brexit for longer than I can remember. His position has not changed.

“With Labour putting political gain before democracy, and the threat of remain MPs, like Soubry and Wollaston, threatening to take control of Brexit if the Prime Minister loses the vote and stopping Brexit, because that is what would happen, I believe Sir Edward is putting national interest first.

“The deal is not perfect, but it’s all there is, this talk of Canada plus and Norway plus and any other plus that people have dreamed up is not credible. There is no other deal been put forward, the EU is not for budging, to suggest otherwise is folly.

“There are wild accusations he’s been brought, with the Privy Council membership, that’s false and lies, the process of the appointment began eighteen months ago, long before the deal appeared in mid-November; and reflects the enormous contribution to public life and to the people of this country.

“I fully support and stand by Sir Edward because he’s always put his constituents first, even if it’s at odds with sections of the party, or local councillors.

“I ask you all to stand with Sir Edward now, and trust him in his actions in the days ahead, whatever happens, it’s not been taken lightly and is being done in the national interest.”