Gainsborough & District Branch Annual General Meeting 2020

Tuesday, 25th February 2020

All members who have been fully subscribed for the three months prior to the Annual General Meeting are eligible to attend and vote.

Current Committee


  • Chairman: Cllr. Mrs. Jessie Milne [1/3]
  • Deputy Chairman (Political): Hugh McDaniel [1/3]
  • Deputy Chairman (Membership & Fundraising)*: Vacant 
    • Membership role: Ms Victoria Woodward
    • Fundraising role: Mrs. Dorothy Dawson
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Gillian Bardsley [1/3]
  • Secretary: Mrs. Sheila Bibb [1/3]

Committee Members

  • Mrs. Geraldine Beldon
  • Cllr. Tracey Coulson
  • Cllr. Paul Howitt-Cowan

*The role of the Deputy Chairman (Membership & Fundraising) is currently being undertaken jointly by Ms Victoria Woodward and Mrs. Dorothy Dawson.


Hard copies of paperwork will be available at the meeting. PDF versions of the paperwork for this meeting are available in the 'Attachments' section below. Party members may request the password to the Statement of Accounts, via email to


The Annual General Meeting will be held at Gainsborough House, 18 Parnell Street, Gainsborough DN21 2NB


Nominations papers are available in the 'Attachments' section below. The deadline for the submission of Nominations is noon on Friday, 21st February 2020. Papers may be returned either to the branch's Secretary (Deputy Returning Officer) or to the Association Secretary who acts in the capacity of Returning Officer for all branch elections.


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